Tale Of Genji: Suma and Akashi Chapters

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Antique Japanese six panel folding screen (byōbu) in sumi, colors and dense flecks of gold (sunago) on paper, with paper hinges, textile border and wooden molding, illustrating scenes from the Heian period novel the Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari), showing Prince Genji watching a fisherman from his residence at Suma, as his friends Koremitsu and Shokan sit behind him. In the center Genji is seen travelling on horseback to visit the beautiful daughter of a monk who lives in the hills nearby. When he hears her playing the koto [episodes 3 and 6 of the Akashi chapter] he is smitten and later brings her into his household and their daughter is selected to become the primary consort of the emperor.

Origin: Japan
Period: Edo/Tokugawa (1615-1868), Early 19th Century
Dimensions: 47.5 Inches High x 112.5 Inches Wide

Screen 3781R